No Durability Class 8/27

Sorry guys but we will be skipping this week’s durability class on 8/27. We will pick back up in September.

This week, work on your T-spine and shoulder mobility.
Aim for a 20-30 minute mini session.
Peanut Upper Back utilizing arm movements- reaching overhead, snow-angel your arms out to your sides, give yourself a bear hug and rock your body right and left. As you work the lower half of your ribcage, support your head with your hands and do very slight “crunches” hinging over the peanut to create some segmental flexion and extension in your spine.

With your roller or a ball, unglue the tissue that makes up the back of your armpit. You will be sidelying with the roller in your armpit, arm extended overhead palm facing the sky. Roll your body like a log right and left hunting for those tacked down tissues of the lats, teres major, subscapularis and even the serratus anterior. Once you have located your tender spots, hold steady pressure while slowly sweeping your hand down in front of your chest and back up over head.

Lastly, you will need a small single ball, like a tennis ball or LAX ball. Lay on your back with your feet flat and knees up. Place the ball in the corner of were your shoulder and neck meet. There will be very little pressure on the ball in this position. Contract your glutes, stay tight in your abs and lift your hips up off the floor to the glute bridge position. Since you will be hanging out in glute bridge for a couple minutes you can slip the roller under your tush to support your body weight. When you have bridged your hips up, you should be feeling strong pressure from the ball on the upper trap and levator scapula, there should be no pressure on your neck or shoulder blade. Slowly raise your arm overhead several times, then reach across your body like you are putting sunscreen on you opposite shoulder and finally draw big loopy circles on there ceiling a few times in each direction.

Enjoy and see you in September!

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