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StrongFirst Girya Level 1 Certification Prep- Females

This is a 13 week, 60 session program to prepare you for the rigorous StrongFirst Girya Level 1 Certification. Volume, load and intensity are progressed over the course of the 12 week cycle, the final (13th) week is a taper week. This program is demanding. You will train 5 days per week. Students should have a solid grasp of the primary kettlebell lifts including: Swing, Snatch, Clean, Press and Squat, prior to starting this program. Start this program 13 weeks before your Certification Weekend.


Required Equipment for Training:

  • Females up to 56kg/123.5lbs
    • 8kg, (2)12kg, 20kg
  • Females over 56kg/123.5lbs
    • 12kg, (2)16kg, 24kg
  • Males up to 60kg/132lbs
    • 16kg, (2)20kg, 28kg
  • Males over 60kg/132lbs
    • 18kg, (2)24kg, 32kg

Sandbag (a drag tire will work too), 60#
Webbing for hip belt to drag sandbag/tire
Therabands: red, green, blue
Pull Up Bar
Foam Roller
Lacrosse Ball
Exercise Mat
Tabata app/timer

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