Peak Bodywork specializes in performance based coaching for patients with chronic orthopedic conditions and athletes recovering from injury. There is no need to stop training after injury or surgery. This is a genuine opportunity to address your areas of weakness, to facilitate the healing process and to continue to progress your fitness while enhancing pain free function.

Ultimately your goal is to get back to doing what you love. An Injured Athlete or Fit for Life Program can be the key to full recovery and preventing future re-injury. Joint and muscle injuries trigger protective mechanisms in the body to prevent further trauma. While this mechanism is essential during the acute stage, it can result in altered joint mechanics and muscle imbalances that persist even though your site of injury is pain free. Corrective Exercise Therapy is a systematic and progressive exercise program  designed to restore optimal strength and function.

Benefits of Corrective Exercise
• Pain Reduction – results can be immediate and profound. Although not immediately  permanent, these results may be reproduced on a daily basis in own home
• Empowers you to take control over your pain without drugs, surgery or manipulation.
• Improves functional and athletic performance
• Helps reduce the risk of over-training and sports injuries
• Identifies physical imbalances and weaknesses
• Identifies the difference between movement quality and compensations
• Identifies cause-and-effect relationship to micro trauma
• Improves the activities of daily living
• Enhanced strength, flexibility and power
• Postural Improvement
• Stress Reduction
• Better Overall Sense of Well being


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