Sports massage is a system of techniques designed to help athletes increase performance and prevent injuries during training and competition. However, anyone can benefit from receiving this type of bodywork.

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) provides a framework for optimizing sport performance while addressing the compensatory movement patterns that can lead to “over-use” injuries during training. The FMS screen looks at 7 functional movements and rate and ranks the quality of those movements. The FMS is a tool for athletes to understand their movement and an outline for addressing their weakest links.

Sports massage is more interactive than other types of bodywork and goal oriented in its approach since the focus of the session is about gaining greater range of motion and decreasing the potential for over-use injuries while eliminating chronically held tension. More specifically for athletes, sports massage also helps increase performance by giving one more power and decreasing the length of recovery time between training sessions.

Elements of trigger point therapy and orthopedic manual therapy are often incorporated during these sessions because they are so effective in releasing tension, increasing range of motion and reducing fibrosis and adhesions in and around joints and muscle attachments. Please see the orthopedic section for more information.
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