Orthopedic Manual Therapy (OMT) is an efficient and effective form of therapy for soft tissue injuries to help restore optimal function to sites of injury and dysfunction. Sessions are a combination of manual therapy and movement education.

Sessions begin with an evaluation of your movement patterns. The Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) encompasses 10 basic functional movements that can help identify the underlying cause and source of your pain. The SFMA is the basis that your treatment is build on.

Orthopedic Manual Therapy (OMT) is a powerful yet gentle bodywork technique designed to provide lasting, functional improvement to people with orthopedic conditions such as low back pain, neck stiffness, neck pain, rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder, knee injuries, arthritis, tennis elbow, carpel tunnel syndrome and others.

The major aspect of this technique is assisted movement and a voluntary isometric muscle contraction called Muscle Energy Technique or MET. METs are used to effectively reduce trigger points quickly and painlessly, reduce muscle tension due to postural imbalances and faulty joint alignment. MET is painless to receive and achieves great results in a fraction of the time that most other techniques require. Muscle Energy Techniques can restore optimal alignment within the joints without the risk associated with chiropractic adjustments. Unlike high velocity chiropractic manipulations that thrust or force the joint into position, MET addresses the spasming muscles that are causing the joint to be mal-aligned.

OMT sessions are designed not only reduce your pain and improve your function but also to empower you with tools to assist you in healing. Basic exercises or stretches will be suggested for you to work on between sessions at home.

What to wear:
Men please wear athletic shorts.
Women a 2 piece bathing suit or shorts & sports bra are appropriate.

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