We’re Growing & Moving!

 Peak Bodywork is moving to Eagle Village unit 108 in the Smith’s plaza mid-April.

This awesome and conveniently located new space will offer manual therapy, personal training and GROUP CLASSES! 

Functional Strength Training
Strength and Movement are skills. Skills that need to be taught, developed and practiced. Our group training focuses on developing these skills through a progressive practice. The gym is a place to fix our weak links and grow our athleticism; it is not a place for competition or simply red-lining our heart rate. Exhaustion and feeling like you were hit by a truck is not the goal. We believe strength has a greater purpose. We want you to leave our training sessions feeling more integrated and aware of how to move with ease and confidence.   Classes are limited to 6 athletes so you receive exceptional coaching and personalized instruction. We invite you to feel the difference.

Class Schedule
Monday through Friday 7AM, noon, 4:15 and 5:30.

2 Monthly Membership options
Train 2 days/week $160
Train 3 days/week $200

Call 307.690.8228 or 307.228.0754

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