Lower Leg Part 2

Few weeks ago I talked about how to release the long toe flexors. Today we are looking at the opposite side of the lower leg, the Fibularis also known as the Peroneals. The Fibularis and the long toe flexors/tibialis posterior create a stirrup around the ankle and foot. Excessive shortness on one side of the stirrup will pull the ankle and foot in that direction. So in the case of the athlete with a collapsing arch and pronated foot, usually those long toe flexors are stretched out and weak while these fibularii muscles on the outside or lateral side of the lower leg are short and overactive. In this athlete the goal is lengthen the fibularis muscles and strengthen the long toe flexors/tibialis posterior.

If your hips don’t let you position yourself in the modified pigeon position, you can always place your leg up on a box or counter to reduce the amount of hip flexion and external rotation.

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