Chest Opening Pect Release

A lot of people feel tension and strain in their upper back and between the shoulder blades. While you might be feeling  the pain in your upper back the cause of this muscular tension is actually found in the front of chest. Sitting at desk, riding a bike for hours, giving a massage, picking weeds in the garden, cooking, all these activities shorten the pectorallis muscles by drawing your shoulders forward, rounding your upper back and stretching out (not in a good way) the muscles between your shoulder blades. The muscles of your upper back are screaming because they are losing the arm wrestling battle with your pects. Start addresssing the length and tension in the front of your chest to alliveate the pain you are feeling in your upper back.

What you’ll need: 10 minutes, a yoga block, a firm ball and a corner. Get to work on those pects!

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