Calf Smash

If you are anything like me, you’ve probably dug those running shoes out of the back of the closet to enjoy this unseasonably warm spring. My ankles and calves get WORKED the first few runs of the year after being imprisoned in ski boots for the last 5 months. If you are a trail runner in Jackson, undoubtedly you run a lot of hills which in turn puts tons of stress on the lower calf. Or if you have jumped on the “barefoot” banwagon and are transitioning into a minimalist shoe you also may be feeling an increase in tension and stiffness in your calves. Static calf stretches are boring and have never been all that effective for me. The Stick feels great but is an arm workout trying to maintain enough pressure to affect change in the soft tissue of the heel cord and calf muscles.  

Having just laerned this new method of self inflicted torture I wanted to pass it along as it seems timely with Putt Putt Trail drying out fast.

What you’ll need: 10 minutes & a foam roller or big bath towell rolled up to bolster your ankle.

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