Late Winter News- C.Ex

A few new things are happening at Peak Bodywork. I am introducing personal training to my practice, focusing on Corrective Exercise Therapy.

Over the years doing massage I have noticed many of my clients have repeat injuries or can’t quite seem to kick that old injury for good. While manual therapy and massage are fantastic for addressing scar tissue, fibrosis, trigger points and generally overactive/spasmed muscles, I felt there was a component missing in long term rehabilitation. For example, no matter how great a client felt after a massage to relieve an episode of acute back pain, if he went back to old habits of poor posture or bad body mechanics the underlying injury and compensation would flare up again down the road. It wasn’t that these clients were lazy or out of shape. It was that their bodies had learn to move around their injuries creating movement compensations. I realized many clients were highly motivated to work on their own to get rid of their pain, but needed guidance in how to do this right.

Corrective Exercise Therapy provides that guidance. After a thorough evaluation of your health/injury history and an assessment of how you move in specific functional patterns (ie. movements you do everyday) a program is designed to help you learn how restore your mobilty and pain free range of motion, for good. Programs are designed in 5 week increments, so that we can stay focused and on target. The exercises are challenging and progressive in that you are re-educating your nervous system to move your body in proper alignment not just in the path of least resistance.  Once you complete the program, some the exercises or drills should be continued and are easily incorporated into your regular fitness routines as a warm-up or cool down.

I am really excited to offer this comprehensive approach of massage and movement therapy to help individuals meet their health and fitness goals. If you’d like to learn how Corrective Exercise Therapy can help you explore the C.Ex section or give me a call.

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