Top 5 Stretches

      To choose simply five stretches is difficult. I’ve found the body as a whole requires a large amount of time and varied movements to effect change, but there are a few, in my opinion, that are important. In no particular order, stretch number one would be Thoracic Spine. Bad posture and daily activities […]

Why I Train- Adam Dowell

-Coach Adam Dowell Good or bad, life happens. Will you be ready or will you regret every time you convinced yourself why you couldn’t train. As a professional snowboarder it seems a pretty easy answer why I train, because I’m an athlete. While this is true, I more so just train for life. You never […]

Swing in to Spring- Intro to Kettlebells starts 5/4

      Swing in to Spring Intro to Kettlebells STARTS MONDAY MAY 4 4 weeks of progressive training to develop your kettlebell practice Do you still bruise your wrists and tear up your hands every time you use kettlebells? Do kettlebells tweak your elbows, shoulders or back? Do kettlebells scare you because you don’t know how to use them? […]

Stop Putting Fitness of Dysfunction. What Kevin Durant and the FMS can teach us about injuries?

Sustaining a previous injury and scoring below 14 on the FMS (ie you compensate during basic bodyweight movements) leaves you 15 times more likely to sustain a future non-traumatic/over-use injury. Those are terrible odds. Stop putting fitness on dysfunction and commit to fully healing your injury before you return to sport performance training and competition. […]

We’re Growing & Moving!

 Peak Bodywork is moving to Eagle Village unit 108 in the Smith’s plaza mid-April. This awesome and conveniently located new space will offer manual therapy, personal training and GROUP CLASSES!  Functional Strength Training Strength and Movement are skills. Skills that need to be taught, developed and practiced. Our group training focuses on developing these skills through a […]

Kettlebell Skills Course

Friday November 14th from 5:30-7:30pm $30 Adam Dowel of Avail Performance and myself will be coaching a Kettlebell Skills Course at Wright Training. This 2 hour workshop will teach you the fundamentals of the 3 basic ballistic kettlebell lifts: The SWING, CLEAN and SNATCH. If you are tired of bruised forearms, torn callouses and tweaked back, […]

Find Your Balance, Then Pull Heavy- Derek Miller, SFG II

Here’s a great article by Derek Miller on the concept of using “correctives” to create balance so you can go heavy and create durability. Enjoy! by Derek Miller, SFG II So, I want to deadlift. I want a strong deadlift. I want a really strong deadlift. Oh, you too? I don’t need to inform you […]

No Durability Class 8/27

Sorry guys but we will be skipping this week’s durability class on 8/27. We will pick back up in September. This week, work on your T-spine and shoulder mobility. Aim for a 20-30 minute mini session. Peanut Upper Back utilizing arm movements- reaching overhead, snow-angel your arms out to your sides, give yourself a bear […]

Strength training for all abilities.
Icing Delays Recovery

“Coaches have used my “RICE” guideline for decades, but now it appears that both Ice and complete Rest may delay healing, instead of helping.” – Gabe Mirkin, MD, March 2014 Gabe Mirkin MD is the man who coined the term “R.I.C.E.” (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) back in 1978 in the best selling Sportmedicine Book. He has now […]

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